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PolicyVault: Where Backlog Integrity Meets Code Excellence 


Seamless Integration with Azure DevOps

PolicyVault flawlessly extends Azure DevOps, introducing advanced pull request status policy checks directly linked to work item queries. This integration ensures a smooth, intuitive experience without disrupting your existing workflow

Enhanced Traceability and Accountability

With PolicyVault, every pull request is automatically checked against predefined work item criteria, significantly improving project traceability and accountability. This feature ensures that all changes align with the project's goals and requirements, enhancing overall project quality

Customizable Policy Checks

PolicyVault offers fully customizable policy checks, allowing teams to define and enforce specific criteria that work items must meet before pull requests can be merged. This flexibility supports unique project needs and governance standards, ensuring that code changes are always in line with organizational goals.

Real-Time Visibility and Control

PolicyVault provides real-time visibility into the status of pull requests relative to work item compliance, giving teams immediate insights and control over the development process. This feature allows for quicker decision-making and adjustments, ensuring that projects stay on track and meet their deadlines efficiently.

Install PolicyVault extension for Azure DevOps if you want to try it now:

About Us 

Our story

I'm Vladimir Gusarov, a Microsoft MVP since 2010, with a rich background in enterprise software development and Azure DevOps. My journey has shown me the critical role of traceability in managing software projects effectively. That's the insight that led to PolicyVault.

PolicyVault embodies my experiences, designed not only to simplify project management but also to enhance traceability in software development. It's about making the development process more transparent and manageable, allowing developers to focus on crafting quality software without losing sight of the bigger picture.

Join me in our mission to refine software development, making it more efficient and traceable for teams everywhere.

Our vision

We're streamlining software development by slashing developer overhead and ramping up project traceability. Our goal? To make coding smoother and ensure every project step is clear and accountable. With us, it's all about less hassle, more clarity, and turning every development journey into a success story. Let's innovate effortlessly.

Our technology

Our software is built using the latest technology and best practices, with a focus on speed, security, and flexibility. We're always updating and improving our platform to ensure that our clients have access to the most advanced tools and features available. With PolicyVault, you can be confident that you're working with the best.

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